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These are the Visions of a Fanatic

Because dreaming is free ... and Priceless!

Marie - Christine
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marie-christine. 19. canada. québec. french+english speaker.
queen of crackland. rpgwhore. fanficwhore.
crazy. bypolar. lazy. musicjunkie.

ze psycho.

BOO! My name is Marie-Christine, but please call me Lamina, Lamy or Marie! 8D

Each and every second of my life is about art, whether it is that i'm daydreaming, writing, drawing, singing, or even photo / video editing! I love to read anything you're willing to share with me, have a good laugh, meet new people, and fangirlytastic conversations of all sorts. I love writing completely original stories, as well as fanfictions. Sadly, however, they are rarely showcased or ever finished.

I have no friending policy. I only assume that you are all sane enough and actually have reasons to friend me ^^ All I ask is that you leave me a comment or even a message, so I can be notified ( and who knows - friend you back, maybe? ;D ) Be warned; I am rambly, crazy, and can disapear for a certain period of time ! XD


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